Toshiba Energy

Powering Progress

We leverage a lifetime of expertise to develop valuable technologies for indispensable systems.

From renewable hydrogen energy and next-generation distribution systems, to thermal, hydroelectric and nuclear power, Toshiba is contributing to the creation of an energy network that enriches the quality of life for people around the world.

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Toshiba Storage

Ultrafast data

Toshiba sets the pace in developing storage solutions for big data, and keeping customers afloat in the expanding sea of information.

We provide the building blocks for storage not only in smartphones and tablet PCs - with NAND flash memories and BiCS FLASH - but also in data centres and servers -from SSD infrastructure to enterprise-grade HDDs.

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Toshiba Infrastructure

The test of time

Through our solutions for public infrastructure, buildings and facilities, and industrial systems, we are pursuing a sustainable society that is safe, secure and reliable.

Key developments in these areas include energy-saving and eco-friendly systems and solutions for critical aspects of global infrastructure, including water supply and sewerage, highway, motor and rail systems, and air conditioning and lighting.

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